Innovation & expertise for Advanced Green Solutions: About us

TECBI was born from the visionary collaboration of two established leaders in the industrial sector. By merging their extensive knowledge and expertise, they created a highly innovative company. With deep roots in the glass industry and the manufacturing of general industrial machinery, TECBI evolved into a parallel project designed to manage specialized green solutions. This initiative brings together advanced engineering teams from both companies, working in harmony to drive sustainable innovation.

Cosa facciamo

We create Innovative Machinery for the global market

Our company specializes in the design and production of innovative machinery for flat glass processing.

With the expertise of the acquired company C.M.B. (Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana), which has years of experience in the field, we offer technologically advanced solutions to meet the needs of our clients worldwide.

Precisione e Qualità

Precision and Quality: Our Machines

Grinding machines in various configurations, enabling the production of even the thickest glass with high precision and the best quality. Machines that stand the test of time, thanks to their main features:

  • Robustness
  • Reliability
  • Practicality
  • Quality

Vertical Straight-Line Grinding Machines for Flat and Round Edges

Molatrici orizzontali bilaterali a filo piatto e tondo

Bilateral Horizontal Grinding Machines for Flat and Round Edges

Foratrici verticali

Vertical Drilling Machines

Foratrici orizzontali

Horizontal Drilling Machines

Quality and Reliability

Design and Construction of
Glass Processing Machines.

Quality and Reliability

Discover the precision of our glass processing machines!

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